Customer using one of our garden grow bags

Planter Bag Details

The bag is handmade in Mexico of polymesh material.  A U.S. laboratory has tested a sample of this material. “All the ingredients found in this sample are safe and commonly used for food contact packaging,” according to the laboratory report. Analysis of the polymesh material determined it is 95 percent polyethylene and 5 percent polypropylene.

Size of bag – The bag holds eight gallons.  This was determined by placing a plastic garbage bag in the polymesh bag and filling the garbage bag with water.

Water drainage and air flow – Good drainage and aeration of roots is important for plant health and productivity.  Water moves easily through soil in this bag for distribution of nutrients.  Roots in the bag receive more air through the polymesh material than roots do in grow bags of denser material.

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Shopping basket dimensions – The shopping basket in which the bag rests is of good quality.  The outside dimensions at the top of the basket are 19.5 inches long, 13.75 inches wide and 9.5 inches high​

Strong handles – The bag is the traditional Mexican market bag.  It has been time-tested since the mid-1900s for shopping in Mexico’s open-air markets, for carrying substantial loads of rice, beans and other food staples.

The bags are made one at a time by individuals operating individual sewing machines.  They sew the seams and hand-rivet plastic tubing to the bags for handles.

Self-pruning roots – When roots of a plant in a solid container reach the inner walls of the container, the roots may begin circling the inside of the container.  This may result with a mass of swirling roots that can create a root-bound plant, resulting in root rot.

This will not happen with our bag/basket units.  Roots in our bags will prune themselves as they approach the light and air coming through the polymesh material.  Grow bag enthusiasts have called this "air pruning".  The pruning generates a more extensive root system, causing the plant to produce new and healthy branching roots.

Bag and basket stability − Grow bags can be susceptible to tipping over or being blown over by wind, especially when a large plant with a lot of foliage catches a strong wind.  The shopping basket provides a stable foundation for the bag.

The bag (with or without the basket) can be staked to the ground.  Fold down the grow bag handles and slide a stake through each handle.  Drive the stakes into the ground.

360-degree drainage and aeration − Unlike many grow bags, the Mexican bag has drainage and aeration not only through the sides of the bag, but through the bottom of the bag. This is because the base of the shopping basket has plastic crossbeams for reinforcement, which hold the shopping basket and bag about one-half inch above the ground.